Below some common questions and answers.


Getting Started

Can I get my order sooner?

As with any custom order, it takes times.  While we guarantee a completion date of your order/project, we cannot guarantee your order any earlier then the projected completion date.

What file-format should I submit?

The file formats you should use when customizing your order should be:  JPG, GIF, PNG, or PDF.  And please use the largest file you can upload.  A larger file will have a higher resolution, which will result in a better quality image to use for your print.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order policy is one.


How will my order ship?

When we ship, we use FedEx or UPS.  Depending on the address, we might use the USPS.  When your order ships, you will receive a tracking number.

Can you deliver my order if I am local?

Yes, we can deliver locally, but there is extra $10 charge.  Most people who are local and order with us come to our store and pick up their order.

Can you ship internationally?

No.  We do not ship international.  We only ship inside California.


How am I billed for my order?

Depending on what you order, you will be billed automatically or not.  Custom orders are not billed automatically and are typically charged after the order is complete.  If you are purchasing anything that does not need customization, you will be billed upon checkout.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, or money order.


If I don't like my order, can I return it?

Please see our returns policy here:  Returns and Refunds Information


BigHick opened in 2010 with dreams to be a large-scale customizer of all things apparel and home decor. BigHick is focusing on fun and new life adventures in which we hope to make custom products you will enjoy.


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